About Us


Sintalow, since its inception in 1979 and incorporated in 1982, is now a full-fledged enterprise in Southeast Asia, catering to mechanical, plumbing and sanitary piping systems. Its principal business activities have been the general distribution and supplying of piping material services to the shipbuilding industry; oil, gas and petrochemical plants; and general engineering plants.

1989 marked a shift in paradigm, towards product increment, parallel to the robust development and demands in the mechanical building industry. Diversification through the products exclusively distributed, which primarily comprise of integrated piping system to plumbing, fire protection and MVAC systems, has enabled Sintalow to contribute and satisfy market demands. Thereby, emerging as the prime supplier in mechanical, plumbing, sanitary systematisation, and especially water / sewage piping system around the region.

Today, Sintalow is the exclusive sole agent and stockist of superior products from AFA (Singapore), Düker (Germany), FC (Italy), Furukawa (Japan), Aquatherm (Germany), Hunter (Germany), KKK (Japan), Nippon Steel (Japan)Sunflower (Singapore), Thermosel (United Kingdom), VIR (Italy) and WUS (Germany), covering territories such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (Head Office).

27 years on, Sintalow is relentlessly geared towards the rapid growth of the 21st Century. Its commitment to excellence in providing quality products continues to meet new challenges in the new market climate. Sintalow, a new era in total water piping solution.